Packshots Photography – Essex Salt

This assignment was to provide quality packshots photography for Essex Salt, suppliers of water softener salt.

Packshots Photography Essex Salt

As this was the first time working with this company, the owner was invited to attend the shoot. This allows me to find out more about the company and their plans for using the photographs. For this packshot photography session, the photographs are going to be used on their new website.

Packshots Photography – Essex Commercial Photographer

Sam arrived with the various products, which was mainly large bags of water softener salt. I had already set the studio up so as soon as he arrived, we were ready to go. The initial photographs always take the longest as the lighting is adjusted to ensure the product is lit well. Also, I want to make sure nothing is showing up in the reflective surfaces.

In post production, some adjustments are made to enhance the images before cutting them out and placing onto a clean white background.

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Packshots Photography Essex Salt Packshots Photography Essex Salt Packshots Photography Essex Salt

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