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Getting the Perfect Headshot

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Whether this is your first professional headshot or you’ve had them done before, with a little thought and preparation, these headshot tips will ensure you receive fantastic photographs.

Headshots Tips: Before Your Headshot Experience

Clothing and Outfits:

Pick colours best that are going to be best for your eyes and skin tones. Black or White clothing is not considered the best colours to wear, however, if you usually wear these colours then no problem, I guarantee that I will get great headshots for you.

Blue tones are usually a safe bet but please wear colours you feel confident in or are part of your image or brand. Shirts with collars are the most flattering as they frame the face.

Jewellery and Accessories.

Large chunky jewellery can be distracting so that should be avoided where possible. Ladies; wearing a scarf can add a professional look to your image.


If having your haircut then I recommend doing this a few days before your headshot. The same also goes if you will be having your hair coloured. If however, you’re having your hair cut/styled in the day this is still absolutely fine.


You will need to wear more makeup than you normally wear. Don’t go overboard, however, wear more than you wear usually. This is because studio lighting can be strong and makeup looks a lot different on camera. It will also prevent any shine on your face.

Make-up for men

If you are happy to wear make-up then I recommend foundation and maybe some bronzer. Since you guys have less experience with make-up, you’ll probably need someone who regularly wears makeup to help you out.

Make-up for women

A thicker foundation with more coverage, more mascara, some eyeliner, more lipstick.

The Headshot Session

To help you relax I am happy to play music in the studio so feel free to bring along your music player with your favourite music that makes you relax or even want to dance.

Being photographed isn’t the most natural thing to many people so I will gently direct you to ensure I capture plenty of great photographs for you.

Outdoor lighting

If you have chosen the package with two backdrops or more I will include photographs taken with natural lighting. This is very flattering and allows you to have a greater range of photographs and styles.

After The Shoot

You will have many photographs to choose from. All your chosen photographs will have basic editing to correct colour and lighting. Depending which package you go for you will also have a number of photographs that will be fully edited and retouched to remove blemishes etc and make you look even more amazing.

Further Information and Advice

I want to make sure that you have the most enjoyable professional headshot experience and receive the very best photographs – you have my word.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions that you have. Either call or text 07961 100 580. email me directly Jeff@JeffTurnbull.com or via the Contact page.

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